Mulholland Drive

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Mulholland Drive, winding through the Hollywood Hills, is one of the most iconic roads in the world. But why is Mulholland Drive famous? Its allure stems from a combination of its breathtaking views, its connection to Hollywood culture, and its appearances in numerous films and songs. Named after the civil engineer William Mulholland, it stretches approximately 21 miles from Hollywood to the eastern edge of the Santa Monica Mountains. With views overlooking Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, it has become synonymous with the city’s glamour and mystery.

The History of Mulholland Drive

Constructed in 1924, Mulholland Drive was initially envisioned as a scenic road that would help to promote real estate development in the Hollywood Hills. However, over time, it evolved into a cultural landmark. The homes along Mulholland Drive have been inhabited by numerous celebrities, making it a popular spot for star-gazing and a symbol of Hollywood’s elite status.

Mulholland Drive in Popular Culture

Another key factor contributing to its fame is its portrayal in popular culture. Mulholland Drive has been featured in numerous films, songs, and novels, often depicted as a place of intrigue and romance. David Lynch’s 2001 film, “Mulholland Drive,” is one of the most famous examples. The movie, a surreal neo-noir mystery, uses the road as a metaphor for the dark underbelly of Hollywood. This, and other portrayals, have contributed to the road’s mystique and cultural significance.

The Breathtaking Views

The views from Mulholland Drive are another reason for its fame. Overlooking the Los Angeles Basin on one side and the San Fernando Valley on the other, it offers some of the most spectacular vistas in Southern California. Many viewing points along the road attract tourists and locals alike, all looking to capture that perfect shot of the sprawling city below.


In conclusion, Mulholland Drive is famous for its historical significance, its connection to Hollywood culture, its breathtaking views, and its appearances in popular culture. Together, these factors have contributed to the road’s enduring allure and mystique. Whether you’re a tourist seeking a glimpse of the Hollywood sign, a film buff exploring iconic locations, or simply someone enjoying a scenic drive, Mulholland Drive has something to offer.


  1. What is Mulholland Drive known for?
    • Mulholland Drive is known for its breathtaking views, connection to Hollywood culture, and its appearances in numerous films and songs. It is also famous for being a scenic road through the Hollywood Hills, and for the many celebrity homes located along it.
  2. Is Mulholland Drive dangerous?
    • While Mulholland Drive offers stunning views, it can be dangerous due to its winding and narrow nature. Drivers are advised to be cautious, especially at night or during poor weather conditions.
  3. Can you drive on Mulholland Drive at night?
    • Yes, you can drive on Mulholland Drive at night, but it is advised to be extra cautious due to the road’s winding and narrow nature.
  4. Why is Mulholland Drive a tourist attraction?
    • Mulholland Drive is a tourist attraction because of its stunning vistas overlooking Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, its connection to Hollywood culture and its appearance in various films and songs.
  5. Who lives on Mulholland Drive?
    • Many celebrities have homes on Mulholland Drive, contributing to its allure as a symbol of Hollywood’s elite status. However, it’s important to respect their privacy and the properties along the drive.

For more information on Mulholland Drive, you can visit the official Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board website here.

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